Aerial photography and videography

Capture the atmosphere of a place, its light, its context and make it known!

Capture and process

  • Aerial shots using drones.
  • Terrestrial shots using professional grade equipment.
  • Aerial videos up to 4K 60fps resolution.
  • Aerial photos 20 Mp.
  • Spherical 360 ° terrestrial and aerial panoramas.
  • Editing and processing of professional quality photos and videos.
  • Insurance and authorization requests related to the use of a drone included.

Highlight and inspect

  • Report on the beauty of a place and its surroundings.
  • Immortalize an event.
  • Real estate, tourism and event promotion.
  • Promote exceptional places from a new angle.
  • Enhancement of the cultural, architectural and historical heritage.
  • Inspections of civil engineering structures difficult to access by traditional methods.

Promotional clip of an ephemeral refreshment bar, La Coquette in Morges.

Aerial video of a property.

Aerial virtual tour.

Aerial spherical panorama.

Aerial virtual tour.