Virtual tours as if you were there!

Show your property in virtual reality!


  • Fluid and very high resolution virtual tours, 134 Megapixels per photosphere 3D modeling.
  • Create a crush, make your customers want to come to your establishment.
  • Present a product in virtual reality to foreign customers.
  • Promote exceptional places from a new angle.
  • Document, list, conserve, study and make your heritage known to as many people as possible.
  • Offer a new e-commerce experience by presenting your products in the visual context of your store.
  • Provide detailed and interactive information about the products you offer.
  • Submit your virtual tour on Google Street View.


  • Carry out precise, complete surveys, in 2D as in 3D.
  • Have the ability to extract and share information later.
  • Possibility of making precise measurements anywhere during the visit (accuracy 1%).
  • 2D Schematic plans with measurements.
  • Immersive experience thanks to virtual reality headsets.
  • 3D Dollhouse style views.
  • Extraction of high resolution photos and 360° panoramas.
  • Point cloud and 3D model.

Virtual tour inside an individual house

Virtual tour of a transformed farm

Virtual tour of a transformed farm

Virtual shopping in the store Basic Products in Lausanne. Presentation of the products and links on the online shopping site.

Virtual tour of a mountain chalet

2D Schematic floor plans

With dimensions and surfaces.

Possibility of editing on AutoCad or other CAD software.

Immersive experience thanks to virtual reality headsets

Presentation of products in a store

With links to the e-commerce site.

Boutique Basic Products store in Lausanne.

3D View dollhouse style

Extraction of measures

In all dimensions, simply.

At any point during the visit.

Accuracy of measurements 1%.